About me

that’s me.  I LOVE donuts.  in fact, in high school I used to live by a little saying: there’s never a bad time for a donut.  despite my passion for fried pastries, my genes have saved me from needing a biggest loser-esque workout regime to balance my sweet tooth.  during college, though, some eye-opening experiences caused to me to start eating healthier and become vegan.  that meant years without donuts.  until ron’s in las vegas made my dreams come true by serving the best donuts ever that happen to be vegan.  soy custard-filled chocolate-frosted donut.  yum.

moving on to more meaningful things, I’m studying public health, and I want to change the way people perceive health and wellness and the way they receive medical care.  I practice yoga, and I love to read.  I cook all the time and enjoy showing people that vegan means more than tofu.  I grew up in and love minnesota, and now I’m learning to love the west coast.  I started this blog to share photos, videos, and stories, and to let my family know that I’m alive and well.


One response to “About me

  1. Thanks for letting us know you’re alive and well! We sure miss you but love reading about your adventures. Enjoy the sunshine!
    Love you!

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