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quote: pooh on life

“life is miserable,” moaned eeyore.

but pooh just laughed.

“oh eeyore!  it’s your mind that’s miserable.  life is just life.”


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(a belated) happy merry everything!

hope your holidays have been filled with joy, light, and love!

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thoughts: grateful

today I got some news that I didn’t like.  so I fought it and whined about it and rebelled against it.  and then I was reminded that it’s easy to accept the things we want as blessings.  the things we want, when they happen, we say they’re meant to be.  but it’s harder to say that the things we don’t want are also meant to be.  sometimes what feels right doesn’t happen in order to leave space for something better.  so I’ll revel and dance in that space.  instead of throwing a tantrum in it.

plus, it’s tough to receive anything new if you’re not grateful for what already is.

today I am grateful for long, slow walks and time to observe the world.

“and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

-from max ehrmann’s desiderata

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