thoughts: my new happy place

something so monumental happened this morning that I thought it high time I sign back onto this blog and write something.  I won’t lie.  typing in this web address, I paused after www.  “what’s that website I used to write on?”  yes, terrible, I know.  and, of course, I missed my password on the first try, too.

back to this morning.  it’s been a year since I wrote about my trials and tribulations with the 405.  my neighbor.  my friend.  my occasional arch nemesis.  well, this morning I hopped on the 405 at 8 AM.  and I have never seen something so beautiful.


so.  much.  space.

60 mph.

lanes where the next car is hundreds of feet ahead.

ok, maybe sometimes 70 mph.

here’s the kicker.

I drove from culver city to sherman oaks in under 20 minutes.

14 miles in under 20 minutes.

in LA.

I should back up and tell you that this same drive last week took me 90 minutes.  at one point I watched my odometer and the clock.  ten minutes passed, and I’d only moved 0.3 miles.  and all the while I kept thinking that in minnesota with 3 feet of snow on the ground, I’d still be moving faster than this.

traffic: MN – 1  LA – 0

weather: MN – 0  LA – 1

in case you’re keeping score.

in all seriousness, there have been many exciting things happening since hanukkah.  a whole two months ago.  I’ve been to florida and philadelphia.

in florida I kicked back so much that I didn’t take a single picture.  I re-learned what it’s like to share a small space with a sibling.  and also realized that the age gap between us is very evident when said sibling is ready to watch another movie at 1 AM.  just you wait, buddy, that endless energy doesn’t last forever.

in philadelphia I learned that they only plow the center of the streets.  this means that people are responsible for digging out their parking spaces.  as such, they later hold their space with a chair.

I also learned that my cousin is already a genius at only 21 months old.  way to carry on the family tradition, little soybean.

in the last 2 months I also made my first risotto, mastered a vegan tres leches cake, attended a taping of Conan, continued to get rejected for Oprah tickets, became addicted to green smoothies, gave up all paper and plastic bags for 2011, and as of yesterday was hired as a yoga teacher.

please expect my next post to arrive in less than 2 months.  for now, you know where to find me at 8 AM on a sunday morning.  on my way to yoga in sherman oaks.  on the 405.   my new happy place.



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2 responses to “thoughts: my new happy place

  1. Grandma Sandy

    I am so happy to see that you are back on the web. I miss you. Congratulations on the new job! and keep asking for the Oprah tickets. I love the hot pink shoes.

    I love you

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