photos: favorite things

oprah just did her favorite things show.  my favorite things have been in the form of belly-aching-laughter this week, and I have been lucky enough to catch some of them on film.  here are three of them.

1.  every year my mom gets each member of the family new pajamas for hanukah.  usually it’s a surprise.  but I had a special request this year.

yes, those are footie pajamas.  and yes, I have a full picture.  and no, I won’t post it on the internets for all to see.  at least not today.

2.  when I eat cereal at midnight, I use a soup bowl.  this boy?

uses a mixing bowl.

3.  what do you get for your (jewish) parents who have everything?

the one thing they don’t have.

bonus:  it’s shortly after midnight, which officially makes it my mom’s birthday.  and two of her children just sang to her in voices only a mother could love.  happy birthday, mom.


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