photo: light

on wednesday we drove from addis to hawassa, and since then we’ve been visiting other nearby villages. it is so stunning here that everything you see is worthy of a photograph. I’ve almost filled a 16 GB memory card with photos and videos since we’ve been here.

today and yesterday were something that I don’t have a word for. I found myself saying that this is messing me up in the best way possible. because I can’t un-see what I’ve seen. and I wouldn’t want to.

today I met many people who have very little. and they were some of the happiest people I’ve ever met. it left me wondering why many people where I come from have so much, but are miserable.

the very little and so much I refer to are material possessions. I’m sure this speaks volumes about my culture, in which belongings are typically tangible ones. but in writing this I’m realizing what the people I met today have. a warm community. deeply rooted traditions. beautiful surroundings.

(let me apologize here if I’m sounding like an after school special. it has been an emotional day.)

this is not to say that their situation is ideal. the severity of poverty in this country is difficult to comprehend. but it makes me think that sometimes the more space our material things take up, the less space we have to honor our most important assets.

as I snapped photos, I flipped my camera around to display the latest shot. this was the first time many of the locals had seen a photo of themselves. they laughed at the photos in excitement. despite the apparent lack of “have,” there was so much joy. so much light.



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2 responses to “photo: light

  1. Continue to let the light shine on you, move you, change you and mess you up in the most incredible way. You will never be the same.

  2. Grandma Sandy

    Oh my sweet girl. I knew that you would be moved by this journey in ways that you could never experience in our cluttered culture.

    I will be watching everyday for updates to follow along on this amazing journey. As always your gift for expressing your thoughts, feelings and experiences leaves the reader feeling as thought they are right there with you. You are a blessing to us.

    I am glad to hear that you are safe and healthy.

    Grandma and Papa

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