thoughts: here

just a quick note to say I arrived here safe and sound.  it is overwhelming.  happy.  sad.  beautiful.  unimaginable.  thrilling.  exhausting.  surreal.  unreal.

I’ve actually been writing blog entries in a document every night, trying to remember all these feelings.  but in the interest of the privacy of the family I’m traveling with, I’m not sure what I’ll share yet.  and despite all the words I’ve typed, I feel that I will never be able to do justice to this experience.  not through words, photos, or videos.  only through my own eyes.

mostly only people that I know read this, so I can confidently say that I miss you.  sometimes I feel a world away, and sometimes the world feels very flat.  every day as I walk around and every night as I fall asleep I think, “I’m in Africa.”

more soon.


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  1. Only through your own eyes… so very true. Love you!

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