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photo: partially cloudy with a chance of wind


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photo: jupiter rising

I haven’t quite mastered the art of night photos, so forgive me for the blurry, blown-out moon.  however, if you direct your attention to the small white spot below it, you’re looking at jupiter, which hasn’t been this close to the earth since 1963.  as such, tonight’s performance was 47 years in the making.  thanks for the encore.

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video: for real

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thoughts: is this what it’s like to be a mom?

my hair is in the same ponytail I woke up in.  hair brush?  what’s that?

my face, let alone any other part of my body, has not been washed since yesterday.

my glasses are crooked and smudged.  contacts?  no time.

I’m wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday.  it was on the floor when I woke up.  convenience.

despite all the food I prepared today, I ate crackers for lunch.

I held a lot of kleenexes, but none of them touched my own nose.

my nails are marked with blue crayon, and yo gabba gabba tunes are pulsing through my brain.

this was just one day.  today.

moms, as opposed to babysitters, do this every.  single.  day.


at this rate maybe I’ll have my first child at 45.

however, when she said, “please don’t leave… because I love you,” it made the whole day worth it.

ok.  maybe 35.

any moms out there?  I tip my hat (that hides my dirty hair) to you.

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