photo essay: new york, I love you

I don’t have any reasons

I’ve left them all behind

I’m in a New York state of mind…

new york is unlike anywhere in the world.  the sights, the sounds, the smells.  the vibrations of millions of people walking, moving, rushing, stopping, starting.  to me, it is magical.

last week two months ago I visited manhattan.  I arrived from philadelphia by bus.  my eyes kept wandering from my book to the bus windows, impatiently waiting for the moving landscape to morph into the city skyline.  after two hours of freeways and turnpikes we emerged from the lincoln tunnel.  I could feel it.  New York.  bright, worn in, vibrant, magnificent.  hands down the most alive place I’ve ever been.

I quickly made my way down the familiar stairs to the subway, maneuvering my suitcase through the urban terrain.  most basements house cooler air, but in new york, the hottest air fills the underground subway tunnels.  stale stagnant air.  and the sudden warm breeze of a passing train brings fleeting relief.

people move quickly.  with purpose.  even if it’s only to get there faster than the next person.  the streets are in motion.  the stinging smell of cigarette smoke and the sweet scent of freshly roasted nuts mingle in the air.  some people move too quickly to notice.

new york welcomed me with unseasonably warm weather.  and I returned the welcome by eating everything in sight.  to be honest, when I returned I found myself dumbfounded by the question:

“so what did you do in new york?”

“um.  ate.”

of course, eating in new york requires lots of walking.  (thank goodness.)  so chelsea and I skipped the typical tourist hot spots, and took to the streets.


for a delicious snack of freshly made hummus and pita.

angelica kitchen

this is called the picnic combo, and I’m pretty sure it was designed to enable indecisive eaters like me.  can’t decide between pasta, sushi, kale salad, grilled tempeh, or (again) homemade hummus?  have them all!

lula’s sweet apothecary (all vegan ice cream shop.  OMG.  and I don’t throw around OMG lightly.)

these cheesecake oreo flurries would put a mcflurry to shame.

bagel bob’s / our own creative discovery / freeganism

special thanks to chelsea’s local bagel shop.

n.y. dosas

you’d never believe dosas this good could come from a cart this small.

(and yes, chelsea always makes me pose for pictures, but refuses to be in them herself.)

when we weren’t eating,

we practiced yoga in the subway.

(somewhat unsuccessfully.)

we laughed on the train.

and we laughed on the streets.

and we were capable of taking one normal picture.

new york.  what can I say?  I love you.  love, love, love you.  and I’m always happy to have my feet firmly planted here.


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  1. Steve Mark

    Very fun to peek at your blog. Looks like you two had fun in Vegas and OC Fair. Have fun and stay safe in Ethiopia. That’s quite a journey and experience.

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