thoughts: oh I took the four-oh-five

oh yes I did.  to the airport.  AND back.  you can tell it’s been an eventful week when I’m talking about my traffic routes.  in honor of a very special lady, and thanks to the handy traffic tracker sigalert, I successfully made it to the airport on the 405 in the amount of time that google maps actually predicts.  amazing.

my college roommate was in town for a med school interview.  having not seen her in a year prompted many “I can’t believe you’re in my car,” “I can’t believe you’re in my kitchen,” and so on and so forth.  she wanted the official car tour, which included the ocean, the smog, playa del mar, marina del ray, venice, santa monica, shops, dining areas, whole foods, a d-list celebrity sighting, tsunami evacuation routes, and short lesson on earthquake survival.  (you may know that I’m of the “prepare for the worst” mindset.)

we talked about our families, life, work, school, food, yoga, health, etc.  chels commented that our conversation over wine and appetizers felt like one of our many college study breaks (probably minus the wine when we were truly studying).  and we asked ourselves, “did we really graduate from college?”  sometimes it seems like a moment frozen in time.  so many hours spent at a desk, reading, remembering, sometimes to only later forget.  so many tests, papers, and presentations, now long gone or archived as digital code on a hard drive.

we survived a mouse (well, more than one).  I was terrified of it, but to chels it may as well have been an ant.  I found it necessary to report each sighting to her, even when she was studying abroad in spain.  because, of course, that’s what she should be caring about.  our tiny kitchen produced many tasty meals and a few smoke alarms.  my mom bought us wine glasses at ikea, primarily because she needed a glass of wine after moving up all of those stairs, and chels had broken almost all of them by the time we left.  I’ve always needed fairly frequent study breaks, and chels was always there to let me crash on her bed and complain, when she probably should have been the one complaining about me constantly distracting her from her own studies.

simmons gave me 4 years of school and a degree, but chels was the one who made it fun.  when we aced our first organic chemistry tests freshmen year after endless hours of studying, we looked at each other and said, “we better keep studying together!”  and I’m so glad that we did.  (and I’m especially glad that she took care of all the mice.)


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