sunday styling

when I was 17 I spent a summer at NYU in a program that allowed high school students to take a college course and attend literature/writing seminars.  I lived with my grandparents in new jersey and became addicted to the new york times and the daily news.  my grandparents subscribed to the times, and I’d often pick up the cheap late afternoon daily news before my train ride home.

every weekend the times has a large “sunday styles” section that features fashion, arts, events, etc.  most importantly to many women, though, it features weddings.  although there are a slew of announcements, there is one special wedding that is featured as an article each week.  while living in new jersey, my grandparents let me in on their weekly tradition: rating the wedding.  they vary wildly in terms of love story, notoriety of the couple, and the event itself.  so let’s get ready for the olympics, and put on our judging caps.

Ming-Yi Chuang and Alan Smith

what I found particularly refreshing about this wedding was that the couple was resourceful.  the bride bought her dress on craigslist, and the reception was a potluck.  the couple sacrificed extravagance in order to keep all of their guests on the list.  the typical sunday styles wedding has a lot of glitz and glamor, but it was nice to see that the times is in touch with the times.  the story was sweet, especially to imagine that their meeting was by such random chance.

overall, a good story.  but similar to judging the first skater on the ice, we must be tough, for we know not what is yet to come.  6.5/10

to give you some perspective, here are some of my recent favorites:

Jessica Rosen and Ron Laegner

Beth Ashley and Rowland Fellows

happy judging!


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