photo essay: playa

mayan ruins, tulum

we escaped the blizzards and sub-zero minnesota temps to spend time in the sun, explore playa del carmen, and mostly just relax.  we were quite successful.

these little guys were hiding all over the ruins.  the mayans boggle my mind.  where did they go? the beauty and eeriness of the ruins only created more questions for me.

my brother, z, and I explored the ruins.  this picture was our third take.  we did the typical tourist photographer exchange with a couple carrying a very fancy camera.  I assumed this would give us a winning shot, but we wound up with a close-up of our faces instead.  (umm… we can see those anywhere.  how about some ruins and ocean?)  of course, I didn’t have the heart to tell the couple, so we walked away, walked back, got back in line, and got a new shot.  thanks for humoring me, z.

w didn’t join us at the ruins, but it’s safe to say that both boys were very much present at ALL meals.  the all-inclusive resort was a food-filled heaven for these boys.  endless plates of french fries?  got it.  smoothies at midnight?  at the bar.  chips and salsa from room service?  24/7.  although, unless you like potato chips and salsa, it may take 3 deliveries to get it right.  personally, I survived on fruits, veggies, peanut butter, tortilla chips, numerous varieties of mexican rice, and way too much guacamole.

we all went zip-lining, repelling, and cave river snorkeling.  guess which one caused me the most unrest?  come on.  it’s a river in a CAVE.  with BATS.  miners used to get trapped in caves and perish.  granted no one was mining this cave, but you never know.  I sucked it up, suffered teasing from my brothers, and relied heavily on my life vest since I’ve never been good at floating.  all in all, though, it was a very cool experience that was straight out of a discovery channel special.

and if you want to see your parents be totally awesome, watch them zip-line.  this photo must have been taken on our second or third zip-line, though, because I don’t think they looked that happy staring down the first drop.

it was z’s idea to wake up at the crack of dawn to walk the beach.  their only disappointment was that none of the buffets were open this early.  all in all, a wonderful vacation with wonderful people.  thanks mom and daddy.


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  1. Chelsea

    it is amazing that we have walked the same ground thousands of miles away.

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